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Mark Pollack Mark Pollack 44e80a6dfe85c91f57fde9857851c47726d3d6e9 44e80a6dfe85c91f57fde9857851c47726d3d6e9 Update docs to reflect using || instead of , for stream application dsl
Andy Clement Andy Clement b495a41287c6a87f636374f55bc013c5050bb481 b495a41287c6a87f636374f55bc013c5050bb481 Adjust from comma to double pipe for separating unbound stream apps
This adjusts the syntax so that between unbounded stream apps
you need to use ||, for example: aaa || bbb
This is contrast to regular stream apps that continue to use
single pipe: aaa | bbb
You cannot use channels with unbounded stream apps and all the tests
and errors messages related to the previous comma syntax have been
updated to reflect the new syntax.

I have also merged in the PR I created that handles content
assist for unbounded stream apps and adjusted that to use the new

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