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  • Janne Valkealahti

    Janne Valkealahti e5c95af1e8650ace466995ce8715e93971b2ed90

    Handle ctr metadata manually
    - Essentially remove spring-boot-configuration-processor
      from ctr and take existing generated spring-configuration-metadata.json
      and put it in sources.
    - Modify spring-configuration-metadata.json to remove graph property.
    - Remove spring-cloud-dataflow-apps-metadata-plugin and properties-maven-plugin
      from ctr build as those not needed as paketo is already generating
    - Fixes #4582

    Polish of descriptions on merge

    • spring-cloud-dataflow-composed-task-runner/pom.xml (version e5c95af1e8650ace466995ce8715e93971b2ed90)
    • spring-cloud-dataflow-composed-task-runner/src/main/resources/META-INF/spring-configuration-metadata.json (version e5c95af1e8650ace466995ce8715e93971b2ed90)