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Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 7fd746606fdbf1b56fbb715ce2b2e30645eb1040 7fd746606fdbf1b56fbb715ce2b2e30645eb1040 Add https role to HttpWagon
- Original wagon commit missed a point that roleHint
  given to resolver is not http for https so need
  to register that as well.
- Relates #331
Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti cb91b0b0c69ebe5b5d90db6559bdb34271dc91a5 cb91b0b0c69ebe5b5d90db6559bdb34271dc91a5 Add wagon based http transport
- Order to support preemptive auth need to add wagon http
  as this feature exists only in there.
- Conditionally switch to wagon based http with `maven.use-wagon`
- StaticWagonProvider and StaticWagonConfigurator are a replacement
  for similar classes in a maven resolver core which would only work
  via Plexux containers which are impossible to use in our code base
  as those are mean for real maven dynamic classloading extensions
  with real builds.
- We simply do a static configuration to add `HttpWagon` and its
  configuration which is mapped from `MavenProperties`
- New MavenExtension junit5 concept to mock http endpoints for maven,
  this is something what other tests could use as well.
- Start adding tests for `MavenProperties`.
- Generic list of settings include httpclient params and headers, etc
- Method value can be `all`, `put`, `get` or `head` or combination.
- Fixes #331