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There is no metadata available for this build.


The following parameters have been used by this build.

Name Value
automation.password ********
JDK8_HOME /opt/jdk-8
bintray.username.password ******** /home/bamboo/tools/
sonatype.token.password ********
scdf.acceptance.tests.password ********
artifactory.username buildmaster
automation.username.password ********
nexusPush.close true
artifactory.password ********
nexusPush.stagingProfile buildmaster ********
sonatype.password ********
sonar.version 5.6.3
sonar.token.password ********
RIAK_BIN /usr/sbin/riak
sonar.username buildmaster
JDK7_HOME /opt/jdk-7
bintray.password ********
signing.key.password ********
sonar.password ********