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Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti d1fbdc48299fe312fabd54f938f6557ff69e28f9 d1fbdc48299fe312fabd54f938f6557ff69e28f9 Make sure client credentials token gets refreshed
- Use spring security facilities to handle authorize requests
  which at a same time handled re-authorization. As client credentials
  flow don't have refresh tokens, spring security will simply check
  token expire time with clock skew when to authorize.
- Clockskew on default is 60 seconds so you really need to test it with
  i.e. 2min expire time.
- Fixes #3894
Glenn Renfro Glenn Renfro 3be955c3345b9800f304da9991ac76dff5501656 3be955c3345b9800f304da9991ac76dff5501656 Schedules now can handle empty command line args (#3899)
Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 2534366adb2bd5f68a09c71f95933aaa37bada37 2534366adb2bd5f68a09c71f95933aaa37bada37 Re-authorize jwt with every request
- Instead of doing authorize request once, do it with
  every request which will handle use of refresh token
  if needed.
- Fixes #3882
Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti e4d0e54a1be1227f9781e155d8b0ad2dd2435651 e4d0e54a1be1227f9781e155d8b0ad2dd2435651 Add bearer resolving to autoconfig
- Similar work done on a shell to be able to use bearer resolving
  which is basically needed for jwt based setups.
- Relates #3748
Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 237b3ca9f6ef150d1ca6b4b6fcffea41632c5a9a 237b3ca9f6ef150d1ca6b4b6fcffea41632c5a9a Add jwt token support
- Conditionally use opaque or jwt token.
- Add support for using password grant with jtw tokens
  in a shell.
- Relates #3748
- Relates #3827

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