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17-May-2019 18:44:13 The push refers to a repository [docker.io/springcloudstream/composed-http-transformer-kotlin-rabbitmq]
17-May-2019 18:44:13 f7143be486f9: Preparing
17-May-2019 18:44:13 fa1f5e2ce6fb: Preparing
17-May-2019 18:44:13 93e8bbb1e07b: Preparing
17-May-2019 18:44:13 45b4f5c80072: Preparing
17-May-2019 18:44:13 afd8d307a7b5: Preparing
17-May-2019 18:44:13 2c77720cf318: Preparing
17-May-2019 18:44:13 1f6b6c7dc482: Preparing
17-May-2019 18:44:13 c8dbbe73b68c: Preparing
17-May-2019 18:44:13 2fb7bfc6145d: Preparing
17-May-2019 18:44:13 1f6b6c7dc482: Waiting
17-May-2019 18:44:13 c8dbbe73b68c: Waiting
17-May-2019 18:44:13 2fb7bfc6145d: Waiting
17-May-2019 18:44:13 2c77720cf318: Waiting
17-May-2019 18:44:14 45b4f5c80072: Layer already exists
17-May-2019 18:44:14 afd8d307a7b5: Layer already exists
17-May-2019 18:44:14 1f6b6c7dc482: Layer already exists
17-May-2019 18:44:14 2c77720cf318: Layer already exists
17-May-2019 18:44:15 c8dbbe73b68c: Layer already exists
17-May-2019 18:44:15 2fb7bfc6145d: Layer already exists
17-May-2019 18:44:16 f7143be486f9: Pushed
17-May-2019 18:44:16 fa1f5e2ce6fb: Pushed
17-May-2019 18:44:19 93e8bbb1e07b: Pushed
17-May-2019 18:44:22 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT: digest: sha256:a555fafad2710601048b22cf3844d9c3f1e4d84c90e897bc4668fae1eea0c7a1 size: 2200
17-May-2019 18:44:22 Removing login credentials for https://index.docker.io/v1/