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Gunnar Hillert Gunnar Hillert ec2c06ddafd9af6e5c3911a66256f078ab084238 ec2c06ddafd9af6e5c3911a66256f078ab084238 gh-981 Fix E2E tests for Apps UI tab
- Fine-tune timeouts
- Refactor E2E Shell-scripts for Travis
  - Set up Docker images using `--no-start` flag
  - Helps minimize timeout issues with Protractor
  - Helps to identify any Docker issues as early as possible
- Refactor a basic set of Protractor E2E tests
  - Eliminate calls to `Browser.sleep()`
  - Use async/await
- Add new Helper methods
  - Especially `ElementHelper.clickElement()`
  - Problem:
    * Spinners/Loading indicators may block clickable elements
    * A previous action may be so fast that the subsequent element to be clicked does not appear, yet
  - Solution:
    * Wait for element to appear but don't use `Browser.sleep()`
    * Instead poll periodically for the element and try to click it
    * Allow for eventual timeout and test-failure in case the expected element never appears
- Add support to skip execution of Protractor Docker Plugin