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Spring Cloud Data Flow UI

  • Janne Valkealahti

    Janne Valkealahti deaec47ae7d67eb91a8c595cfd4d84ddd6baaf17

    Fix property filtering check in stream deploy
    - Fix case where property value is actually boolean and
      its default value true and then setting it to false.
      Now simply doing using `property.value !== null` instead of
      `property.value` which would naturally might be false with a boolean type.
    - Added test for these two functions getDeploymentProperties and getAppProperties.
    - Fixes #1191

    • ui/src/app/streams/stream-deploy/builder/builder.component.spec.ts (version deaec47ae7d67eb91a8c595cfd4d84ddd6baaf17)
    • ui/src/app/streams/stream-deploy/builder/builder.component.ts (version deaec47ae7d67eb91a8c595cfd4d84ddd6baaf17)