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03c70bd45bbf74628ec9349679d39efe96221256 03c70bd45bbf74628ec9349679d39efe96221256
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Christian Tzolov Christian Tzolov 03c70bd45bbf74628ec9349679d39efe96221256 03c70bd45bbf74628ec9349679d39efe96221256 Update POM to boot 2.1.1, fix compilation issues
 - Update POM version for Boot, Spring Cloud, State Machine, Deployers (k8s + CF) and derived dependencies to align them with Boot 2.1.1 and Spring Framework 5.1.3
   - Fix POM test scopes
   - Clean redundant dependencies
 - Fix tons of check style issues
 - Enable bean-override for some tests to allow bean mocks
 - Fix issue with @EventListener methods. with Boot 2.1.1 classes with such methods must be @Component annotated
 - Resolve most of the tests and create follow up issues for the remaining

Resolves #753

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