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  • Janne Valkealahti

    Janne Valkealahti 24716c3d0072b6100c4e09a5aca695b05fc50c12

    Ease development with vscode
    - Exclude .vscode itself but allow some of a common files
      to go to git.
    - Create launch configs for plain embedded server and one
      with configs for postgres which is easy to launch
      via docker.

    • .gitignore (version 24716c3d0072b6100c4e09a5aca695b05fc50c12)
    • .vscode/launch.json (version 24716c3d0072b6100c4e09a5aca695b05fc50c12)
    • etc/config/ (version 24716c3d0072b6100c4e09a5aca695b05fc50c12)
    • etc/config/skipper-postgres.yml (version 24716c3d0072b6100c4e09a5aca695b05fc50c12)