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ce51987f988a6d6b153e75b9d0e581df2942b4c4 ce51987f988a6d6b153e75b9d0e581df2942b4c4
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#36 (Manual run by Glenn Renfro)
No failed test found. A possible compilation error occurred.


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Glenn Renfro Glenn Renfro 697185ab5fc9a474b890c05da054b061b70f131f 697185ab5fc9a474b890c05da054b061b70f131f Updated versions
changed http to https in .settings
Glenn Renfro Glenn Renfro ce51987f988a6d6b153e75b9d0e581df2942b4c4 ce51987f988a6d6b153e75b9d0e581df2942b4c4 Rebased
Updated to spring-cloud-build 2.2.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT
Updated Tests to support the changes in the latest H2 database
Must use "-ifNotExists", when using the H2 TCP Server
Glenn Renfro Glenn Renfro c4abbbcbbfff028694a68592bffe38b5fc6e6cae c4abbbcbbfff028694a68592bffe38b5fc6e6cae Updated Base Version to 2.2.x
Removed Task Dependencies.  These should be brought in by Boot
Glenn Renfro Glenn Renfro 1786732b40a9635fe1e2472dd03a3d18d7281476 1786732b40a9635fe1e2472dd03a3d18d7281476 Updated all versions to latest BUILD-SNAPSHOT
Glenn Renfro Glenn Renfro 8a3ac48cc353dfe3a55d57b3359ffcf7648ff839 8a3ac48cc353dfe3a55d57b3359ffcf7648ff839 Updated all task_lock tables to add NOT NULL to primary keys.
resolves #505

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Could not find test result reports in the /opt/bamboo-home/xml-data/build-dir/SCT-SLJ-JOB1 directory.
Unable to find executable at /opt/jdk-11/bin/java. Will try to run it anyway.