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Builds the Spring Cloud Task project

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  • Michael Minella

    Michael Minella cc1f971f3e746295a8a76f5a4bbd0bffe06d12ce

    Build updates to support automated doc deployment
    The Spring build infrastructure has the capabilities to deploy
    documentation automatically that it finds in Artifactory.  This commit
    creates the required zip archive for that process.

    Resolves SCT-78

    • pom.xml (version cc1f971f3e746295a8a76f5a4bbd0bffe06d12ce)
    • spring-cloud-task-docs/pom.xml (version cc1f971f3e746295a8a76f5a4bbd0bffe06d12ce)
    • spring-cloud-task-docs/src/main/assembly/assemble.xml (version cc1f971f3e746295a8a76f5a4bbd0bffe06d12ce)