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Michael Minella Michael Minella 90c88c52e6998dfd4fcc3b1d677e5fb99d6c6405 90c88c52e6998dfd4fcc3b1d677e5fb99d6c6405 Polish
Glenn Renfro Glenn Renfro d2bc2530ccf3fbf01286589d021dfc5a7fd020e3 d2bc2530ccf3fbf01286589d021dfc5a7fd020e3 Update Task to BOOT 2.1.M1
Migrating to use ApplicationContextRunner or ImportAutoConfiguration with, instead of SpringApplicationBuilder, because builder does not handle AutoConfiguration properly

SimpleTaskAutoConfiguration now has an annotation AutoConfigureBefore the BatchTaskAutoConfig so that it is processed prior.  THis is so that that BatchTaskAutoConfig can create the appropriate beans

SimpleTaskAutoConfiguration has new annotations so that it is AutoConfigured after BindingServiceConfiguration and after SimpleTaskAutoConfiguration.  This is so that it does not attempt to start emitting messages before stream is ready and it can create the appropriate beans after SimpleTaskAutoConfiguration has run.

Renamed SimpleTaskConfiguration to SimpleTaskAutoConfiguration.

Task version updated to  2.1.0

Added missing headers

Updated documentation.

Deprecated EnableTask

Added ability to disable Task autoconfiguration.

Removed @EnableTask from tests

Resolves #439
Resolves #440
Resolves #448
Resolves #466