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  • Dave Syer <>

    Dave Syer <> f7a9f17236e42d51fcfc46d150e8ee078ca383c7

    Adjust dependencies so manual deployment works
    With these changes you can "mvn deploy" on the command line
    as long as your local settings.xml has the credentials for
    the repositories.

    • .mvn/maven.config (version f7a9f17236e42d51fcfc46d150e8ee078ca383c7)
    • pom.xml (version f7a9f17236e42d51fcfc46d150e8ee078ca383c7)
    • spring-cloud-task-core/pom.xml (version f7a9f17236e42d51fcfc46d150e8ee078ca383c7)
    • spring-cloud-task-dependencies/pom.xml (version f7a9f17236e42d51fcfc46d150e8ee078ca383c7)