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  • Michael Minella

    Michael Minella 17cefe27595760360e4e28cff65f13ccb03da2da

    Added Spring Boot Starter to Spring Cloud Task's Starter
    Per Stephane's comment on the related issue, Spring Boot starters are
    expected to bring in the spring-boot-starter.  Before this commit, the
    Spring Cloud task starter did not, which lead to incorrect logging
    configuration.  This commit addresses that issue.

    Resolves SCT-359

    • spring-cloud-starter-task/pom.xml (version 17cefe27595760360e4e28cff65f13ccb03da2da)
    • spring-cloud-task-samples/batch-events/pom.xml (version 17cefe27595760360e4e28cff65f13ccb03da2da)
    • spring-cloud-task-samples/task-events/pom.xml (version 17cefe27595760360e4e28cff65f13ccb03da2da)
    • spring-cloud-task-samples/taskprocessor/pom.xml (version 17cefe27595760360e4e28cff65f13ccb03da2da)
    • spring-cloud-task-samples/tasksink/pom.xml (version 17cefe27595760360e4e28cff65f13ccb03da2da)
    • spring-cloud-task-samples/timestamp/pom.xml (version 17cefe27595760360e4e28cff65f13ccb03da2da)