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c2db915306b0c939bc68ebccd7f8c5401f089deb c2db915306b0c939bc68ebccd7f8c5401f089deb
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Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti c2db915306b0c939bc68ebccd7f8c5401f089deb c2db915306b0c939bc68ebccd7f8c5401f089deb Handle null BeanFactory in StateMachineHandlerCallHelper
- Makes things less chatty if BeanFactory is null in
  StateMachineHandlerCallHelper as this is usually a case
  with manual builders outside of app context.
- Backport #412
- Relates #307
Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 10ed7feeaed1c3789dd613a5a3c9b16d4c7dcd65 10ed7feeaed1c3789dd613a5a3c9b16d4c7dcd65 Fix state holder usage
- In AbstractStateMachineFactory change used holder map
  to list so that same states don't get lost because of
  used key.
- Backport #416
- Relates #307
Pinguet62 <> Pinguet62 <> fb8d534e8ef3359ea5d6039123ab454bbaa5f9b6 fb8d534e8ef3359ea5d6039123ab454bbaa5f9b6 Fix logging message when transition action throws exception
- Backport #413
- Relates #307

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Could not find test result reports in the /opt/bamboo-home/xml-data/build-dir/SDG-MASJDK9-JOB1 directory.
POM relocation to an other version number is not fully supported in Gradle : xml-apis:xml-apis:2.0.2 relocated to xml-apis:xml-apis:1.0.b2.

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

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Execution failed for task ':asciidoctor'.
> java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError (no error message)

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