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Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 74c6bc2c46da286241c2216829ab6dc9b38f1e59 74c6bc2c46da286241c2216829ab6dc9b38f1e59 Update changelog
Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 40a7230a436f93839727c16a0c2386427da6a50c 40a7230a436f93839727c16a0c2386427da6a50c JoinPseudoState not tracking join states correctly
- In JoinPseudoState join states are tracked as list of lists
  where usually inner list contains one item except with region
  having multiple end states.
- Now fixing this case when resetting when previously completed
  region don't clear this list out from outer list.
- Fixes #684
Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 009d8331fda66eccefa3e0982836f6b7b31af3e5 009d8331fda66eccefa3e0982836f6b7b31af3e5 Fix wrong refs in docs
- Duo to older refactorings fix correct impl refs
  for StateMachineRuntimePersister.
- Fix link to sample.
- Fixes #595
Vincent Privat <> Vincent Privat <> 675fdf07de8ff426be30bf8cac1616f7944f9f06 675fdf07de8ff426be30bf8cac1616f7944f9f06 Add new method isStateMachineManaged
Determines if the given machine identifier denotes a known managed state machine.
Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 7df664d30689de2010f645f2c631e55c709c102c 7df664d30689de2010f645f2c631e55c709c102c Add support for @EventHeader annotation
- Add @EventHeader which can be used to bound as single
  event headers instead of all headers @EventHeaders.
- Fixes #638

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