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16e32e4f78622fadf45b644fd79700a51f9682e7 16e32e4f78622fadf45b644fd79700a51f9682e7
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Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 16e32e4f78622fadf45b644fd79700a51f9682e7 16e32e4f78622fadf45b644fd79700a51f9682e7 Update changelog
Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 010ae6e05b0612b57454c1f8af89b2202a4d36b2 010ae6e05b0612b57454c1f8af89b2202a4d36b2 Upgrade to Boot 2.2.0.M5
Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 96773828fcf9b92b0a53750de7980f3eb1f08178 96773828fcf9b92b0a53750de7980f3eb1f08178 Docs changes
- Relates #742
Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 7fac74629800a9cfceb8c446564895b0c4c9489a 7fac74629800a9cfceb8c446564895b0c4c9489a TimerSmokeTests to junit5
- Start using tag smoke to exclude those from a normal
  ci build cycle(will have a separate plan).
- Relates #779
Janne Valkealahti Janne Valkealahti 8bd0df9e4c0238701f8158d155cfee9fa347315c 8bd0df9e4c0238701f8158d155cfee9fa347315c Docs changes
- Add some notes for threading and wipe out TaskExecutor and
  TaskScheduler from docs.
- Some notes about replacement with reactor.
- Relates #742

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