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Sam Brannen Sam Brannen 33cca4e1678f0d57e62f56696ecb6c0f31cbeac7 33cca4e1678f0d57e62f56696ecb6c0f31cbeac7 Merge pull request #208 from tommack/typo-fix
# By Tom Mack
* typo-fix:
  Remove extra URL prefix in the MVC chapter
Sam Brannen Sam Brannen 627bb49d65b68113788cd5d76012d942c21a4383 627bb49d65b68113788cd5d76012d942c21a4383 Remove extra URL prefix in the MVC chapter
A link in the MVC chapter of the reference manual contained an extra
"http://" URL prefix.

This commit removes the extra "http://" URL prefix.

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