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Code commits

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Sam Brannen Sam Brannen 57e6e0881deee32ac9ebe2a01ae85d9a8233c7f3 57e6e0881deee32ac9ebe2a01ae85d9a8233c7f3 Introduce isExecuted() in MockClientHttpRequest
This commit introduces the missing isExecuted() method in
MockClientHttpRequest and improves the documentation for execute()
and executeInternal().[d31bfa5_BAM_file_list]

[d31bfa5_BAM_commiter_name]Sam Brannen
[d31bfa5_BAM_commit_message]Use EasyMock 2.5.2 consistently across the build
This commit ensures that EasyMock version 2.5.2 is used consistently
across the test suite. This applies to both the easymock and
easymockclassextension artifacts. Using the same version for both of
these artifacts helps to better align us for a future upgrade to
EasyMock 3.0 since the Class Extension artifact is deprecated in 3.x
releases of the library.

Issue: SPR-10069
Sam Brannen Sam Brannen d0503ab733bb9d4987e51cb76a8b2ec58c5f8468 d0503ab733bb9d4987e51cb76a8b2ec58c5f8468 Relocate web artifacts in the TCF to web package
This commit relocates recently introduced web artifacts in the
TestContext framework to the ~.test.context.web package and renames some
classes for consistency with the existing code base.

 - introduced in the web package.

 - ServletTestExecutionListener now extends
   AbstractTestExecutionListener instead of implementing

 - relocated AbstractGenericWebContextLoader,
   AnnotationConfigWebContextLoader, XmlWebContextLoader, and
   WebDelegatingSmartContextLoader to the web package.

 - renamed XmlWebContextLoader to GenericXmlWebContextLoader for
   consistency with GenericXmlContextLoader.

 - changed the visibility of AbstractDelegatingSmartContextLoader and
   AnnotationConfigContextLoaderUtils to public.

Issue: SPR-10067
Sam Brannen Sam Brannen e0e3143dd56b6a3693434eba8c036715d253bc8c e0e3143dd56b6a3693434eba8c036715d253bc8c Fix Javadoc errors in TransactionalTEL
This commit fixes recently introduced formatting errors in the Javadoc
of TransactionalTestExecutionListener.[d31bfa5_BAM_file_list]

[d31bfa5_BAM_commiter_name]Rossen Stoyanchev
[d31bfa5_BAM_commit_message]Add JSON converters to FormHttpMessageConverter
The FormHttpMessageConverter now adds Jackson JSON converters
(version 1.x or 2.x) if available on the classpath.

Issue: SPR-10055
Rossen Stoyanchev Rossen Stoyanchev 42a928596fc3dcd2e1a5270d534da66bb9d1978f 42a928596fc3dcd2e1a5270d534da66bb9d1978f Remove tiles-request-servlet-wildcard dependency
The tiles-request-servlet-wildcard contained only one class that is an
implementation of the tiles-request ServletApplicationContext using a
Spring ApplicationContext to look up resources. It makes sense for this
class to be part of the Spring Tiles 3 integration.

Issue: SPR-10054
Rossen Stoyanchev Rossen Stoyanchev d3c977b54b13c27bdf22747bbee8615d643c9559 d3c977b54b13c27bdf22747bbee8615d643c9559 Fix failing tests failing when debug logging is on
Issue: SPR-10048

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