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Rossen Stoyanchev Rossen Stoyanchev 155ef5fd778579c9bae3469244a3aee64f079ac5 155ef5fd778579c9bae3469244a3aee64f079ac5 Merge branch '5.1.x'
Rossen Stoyanchev Rossen Stoyanchev 51f9e0aacadfb2ae7dcb471b796b5120b9cfddc9 m 51f9e0aacadfb2ae7dcb471b796b5120b9cfddc9 Typo in webmvc.adoc
Rossen Stoyanchev Rossen Stoyanchev 810b615471416a9649cd4a32a103442e864666ed m 810b615471416a9649cd4a32a103442e864666ed Correct issus in Spring MVC section
Fixes #22282
Brian Clozel Brian Clozel 46c036659472fd7ea87fc27229392a9d13bb5933 46c036659472fd7ea87fc27229392a9d13bb5933 Merge branch '5.1.x'
Brian Clozel Brian Clozel d6aa589c507628772f5ab6d86e7f9852d3685ffa m d6aa589c507628772f5ab6d86e7f9852d3685ffa Wrap DecodingException in DefaultServerRequest
Prior to this commit, Spring WebFlux function would let
`DecodingException` thrown by codecs bubble up to the web handler level.
Since this exception is not handled by default there, the response would
be turned into a HTTP 500 status.

In the annotation model, `ArgumentResolver` implementations wrap this
exception with a `ServerWebInputException`, which itself extends
`ResponseStatusException`. The latter is supported by the error handling
infrastructure as a HTTP 400 response.

This commit ensures that `DecodingException` instances are properly
wrapped in `ServerWebInputException` at the `ServerRequest` level
directly, thus supporting all setup modes ("standalone" and through the

Fixes #22290