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Spring Framework
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Sam Brannen Sam Brannen ed2659cc48d01606a89c116bc8cd694ab2c2e6a4 ed2659cc48d01606a89c116bc8cd694ab2c2e6a4 Improve documentation for @Autowired constructors
Prior to this commit, there was some ambiguity surrounding semantics
for @Autowired constructors and `required = true`, especially for
multiple @Autowired constructors.

This commit improves the documentation in the Javadoc for @Autowired as
well as in the reference manual.

Closes gh-23263
Plan Repository
Author Commit Message Commit date
Rossen Stoyanchev Rossen Stoyanchev d2a7d9fa8890999846e050cbef59d673c9a42368 d2a7d9fa8890999846e050cbef59d673c9a42368 Introduce RSocketClientFactoryConfigurer
The new interface supersedes ClientResponderFactory and is more general,
for any RSocketFactory customization.

DefaultClientResponderFactory implements the new interface and is
renamed to AnnotationClientResponderConfigurer.

See gh-23170
Rossen Stoyanchev Rossen Stoyanchev 1e9ccdd8b8756162ed635b45c077e45b6ae33504 1e9ccdd8b8756162ed635b45c077e45b6ae33504 Pass RSocketStrategies to MetadataExtractor
Simplify the creation of MetadataExtractor by not requiring
RSocketStrategies up front. The strategies are already configured in higher
level places like RSocketMessageHandler that invoke the MetadataExtractor.
The strategies are now passed in as an argument to the extract method.
Rossen Stoyanchev Rossen Stoyanchev d33e4878a0dad8745925188c5334f45076a0ea3b d33e4878a0dad8745925188c5334f45076a0ea3b Move MetadataExtractor to the rsocket package
The move up the hierarchy reflects the fact that MetadataExtractor
is more generally useful and not tied to annotations.
Juergen Hoeller Juergen Hoeller aa9f840938ad18b3e05c2305fad3ba000b0986d8 aa9f840938ad18b3e05c2305fad3ba000b0986d8 Merge branch '5.1.x'

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