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Mark Paluch Mark Paluch aa39b9ba3a6e64cfeff7e12fda85f69ad9ea3cd8 aa39b9ba3a6e64cfeff7e12fda85f69ad9ea3cd8 DATACMNS-1451 - Consider more than 16 immutable Kotlin properties in generated PropertyAccessor.
We now consider more than 16 immutable and nullable Kotlin properties per bucket in generated PropertyAccessors.

Previously only the first 16 properties were considered due to truncation of the defaulting bitmap. We used SIPUSH to render the defaulting mask in bytecode which is intended for 16 bit integers (short). Migrating to LDC (runtime constants) preserves the actual constant value of 32 bits and so we're considering now full buckets.
Mark Paluch Mark Paluch 04916ed17636025bd3685cbc3a0eff704fd6b0c6 04916ed17636025bd3685cbc3a0eff704fd6b0c6 DATACMNS-1465 - Updated changelog.

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