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Oliver Drotbohm Oliver Drotbohm 7b45a30d391c15ade8f2a892efd1614d30358ebc m 7b45a30d391c15ade8f2a892efd1614d30358ebc DATAJPA-1397 - Prepare feature branch
Oliver Drotbohm Oliver Drotbohm 1b8631fc8ef377adfa91e69b6d80a0d31c8c7bbb m 1b8631fc8ef377adfa91e69b6d80a0d31c8c7bbb DATAJPA-1397 - At support for lazy and deferred repository bootstrap.
Allow the configuration of a BootstrapMode on @EnableJpaRepositories. Lazified the bean definitions registered for JpaContext, EntityManagers (derived from all EntityManagerFactory instances) and JpaMetamodelMappingContextFactoryBean.

Related tickets: DATACMNS-1368.
Oliver Drotbohm Oliver Drotbohm 2ba47cd07433dadd09b84fef2bc22b1ce6a00f39 m 2ba47cd07433dadd09b84fef2bc22b1ce6a00f39 DATAJPA-1398 - Upgrade Hibernate 5.3 snapshot build profile to 5.3.5.
Oliver Drotbohm Oliver Drotbohm 6d1bc47f06f2c283395b83458d5429aeaa7942cd m 6d1bc47f06f2c283395b83458d5429aeaa7942cd DATAJPA-1392 - Allow lenient PersistentEntity lookup via JPA Metamodel.
JpaMetamodelMappingContext now overrides ….hasPersistentEntityFor(…) to fall back to a JPA Metamodel lookup check as only checking the cache might not be sufficient as it's not eagerly populated anymore.
Oliver Drotbohm Oliver Drotbohm 746c5b2db77f93dc81db7390e15246e910a04867 m 746c5b2db77f93dc81db7390e15246e910a04867 DATAJPA-1400 - Upgrade Eclipselink 2.7 build profiles.
Upgrade to 2.7.3.

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