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Christoph Strobl Christoph Strobl dc766dd5912398d7e758e2989bae8393670a691e m dc766dd5912398d7e758e2989bae8393670a691e DATAJPA-1041 - Append ad hoc EntityGraph subgraphs properly.
We now make sure to append instead of recreate `Subgraph`s correctly when AttributeNodes already exist for a given property or dot path. This change fixes errors when creating ad hoc fetch graphs like below where multiple properties are loaded via a Subgraph on the same type.

@EntityGraph(attributePaths = { "colleagues.roles", "colleagues.colleagues" })

Additionally we fixed issues with the creation of "deep" ad hoc fetch graphs via @EntityGraph so that

@EntityGraph(attributePaths = { "roles", "colleagues.roles", "colleagues.colleagues.roles" })

can be used as a short form of

@NamedEntityGraph(name = "User.deepGraph",
        attributeNodes = {
                @NamedAttributeNode(value="colleagues", subgraph = "User.colleagues")
        subgraphs = {
                @NamedSubgraph(name = "User.colleagues", attributeNodes = {
                        @NamedAttributeNode(value = "colleagues", subgraph = "User.colleaguesOfColleagues")
                @NamedSubgraph(name="User.colleaguesOfColleagues", attributeNodes = {


However we had to disable EclipseLink tests for this one since there seems to be a glitch when calling EntityManager.clear() prior to applying the fetch-/loadgraph causing the properties not to be in the correct load state. Omitting `EntityManager.clear()` is not an option since the load state is always `LOADED` even when leaving out query hints.

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