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Jens Schauder <> Jens Schauder <> 988fe075df9acd200969e4d4247b61ad03d316fa m 988fe075df9acd200969e4d4247b61ad03d316fa DATAJPA-1248 - Polishing.
Removed superfluous        modifiers and throws declarations.
Used Collections.singletonList where appropriate.
Jens Schauder <> Jens Schauder <> 9329e105bc219553441036475ca70718c37842a5 m 9329e105bc219553441036475ca70718c37842a5 DATAJPA-1248 - Fixed build for Hibernate 5.3.
Removed obsolete version detection and associated persistence units from tests.

Added explicite cascade option to many-to-one reference in id.
It is not clear if this is a bug in Hibernate or not.
See HHH-12251 for details.

The fix of HHH-12119 made it obvious that our use of Tuples for Projections from native queries were not correct.
When looking up Tuple values we now find them using a property name with correct upper/lower case as well as with the upper case as it is actually returned by the JDBC driver.

Converted all touched tests using Hamcrest to use AssertJ instead.

See also:
Oliver Drotbohm Oliver Drotbohm 8e1e8c95d06ddcb21addd4c6d0647e4071f6f485 m 8e1e8c95d06ddcb21addd4c6d0647e4071f6f485 DATAJPA-1248 - Added build profiles for Hibernate 5.3.
Oliver Drotbohm Oliver Drotbohm 396d89e5d49013c20513f767829e169d4f194674 m 396d89e5d49013c20513f767829e169d4f194674 DATAJPA-1248 - Prepare branch
Mark Paluch Mark Paluch d967fdbb23c9e5bd3bab37adec2fe13c20dae620 m d967fdbb23c9e5bd3bab37adec2fe13c20dae620 DATAJPA-1229 - Updated changelog.

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