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Jens Schauder <> Jens Schauder <> 692addd54b1cdb710c84992c4f6ae360f6597f9d m 692addd54b1cdb710c84992c4f6ae360f6597f9d DATAJPA-1281 - Prepare branch
Jens Schauder <> Jens Schauder <> d590b5da822b46657bb1d0c081624a95fe628f3c m d590b5da822b46657bb1d0c081624a95fe628f3c DATAJPA-1281 - Provide a better error message on mismatch between required and actual parameters.
The added assertion prevents the non descriptive IndexOutOfBoundsException and provides a more digestible message.
Jens Schauder <> Jens Schauder <> e51024e20ae705bcfccffab2617faf5b038f201f m e51024e20ae705bcfccffab2617faf5b038f201f DATAJPA-1163 - Polishing.
Reduced visibility of newly introduced method.
Moved method for test into inner class of the test

Original pull request: #283.
Tom Hombergs <> Tom Hombergs <> 651338581205fdbec5a23f1640d9e7788fda1701 m 651338581205fdbec5a23f1640d9e7788fda1701 DATAJPA-1163 - Evaluate expression "#{#entityName}" in count queries.
SpEL expressions based on the entityName are now supported in count queries.

Original pull request: #283.
Oliver Drotbohm Oliver Drotbohm c023869f933b1a0d163d7ec4c8814e2bf6741b4a m c023869f933b1a0d163d7ec4c8814e2bf6741b4a DATAJPA-1374 - Upgraded Hibernate 5.3 build profile to 5.3.2.

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