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Oliver Drotbohm <> Oliver Drotbohm <> a04f32ae06bb82f2b681c09f246830e0751d6db9 a04f32ae06bb82f2b681c09f246830e0751d6db9 DATAJPA-1535 - Additional test for entities with assigned identifiers.
Added test case for the new optimized way of handling deletes of non persisted instances which use manually assigned identifiers. This test originally broke as manually marking the entity as new was done in a @PostPersist callback. This needed to be changed to happen in @PrePersist as the actual persistence operation might not have been flushed and the entity might return in new state from…).
Oliver Drotbohm <> Oliver Drotbohm <> 3a24c6d0d4e557933664783a1e6db0bc3ae846b3 3a24c6d0d4e557933664783a1e6db0bc3ae846b3 DATAJPA-1535 - Fix SpringJpaRepository.delete(…) for repositories working with mapped superclasses.
The new optimized implementation of SimpleJpaRepository.delete(…) used the Java type registered with the EntityInformation backing the repository, not the concrete type of the entity handed into the method. For mapped superclasses that's problematic as the JPA provider does not know which concrete type to actually look for. We now simply use the type of the actual instance to perform the by id lookup.

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