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Mark Paluch Mark Paluch 4ab61bd4d454c92af3804bba2d3c92cf3bb01c8f 4ab61bd4d454c92af3804bba2d3c92cf3bb01c8f DATAMONGO-2081 - Polishing.
Tweak Javadoc. Refactor conditional assignment to if style for improved readability.

Original pull request: #749.
Christoph Strobl Christoph Strobl 24f23c5365a405bd805ddb7289011dd1ada1a763 24f23c5365a405bd805ddb7289011dd1ada1a763 DATAMONGO-2081 - Expose expireAfterSeconds via IndexInfo.
Original pull request: #749.
Christoph Strobl Christoph Strobl 8d2a68118ba334645ea77631e896751f4fabaa4a 8d2a68118ba334645ea77631e896751f4fabaa4a DATAMONGO-2275 - Fix NPE when mapping MongoJsonSchema used in query.
We fixed a NPE when reading raw Document from a collection using a query matching against a JSON schema.

Original pull request: #752.
Mark Paluch Mark Paluch 8ce3e45d602e3721a8d0ee2023d5193e78c09f25 8ce3e45d602e3721a8d0ee2023d5193e78c09f25 DATAMONGO-2153 - Apply Meta comment and cursor size to AggregationOptions.
We now apply propagate the cursor size to aggregation options. We introduced AggregationOptions.comment to propagate the meta comment to aggregation execution.

Original pull request: #743.
Mark Paluch Mark Paluch f456851791126ee5bfd76e5ded0c1c2cc73509dc f456851791126ee5bfd76e5ded0c1c2cc73509dc DATAMONGO-2153 - Polishing.
Use MongoQueryMethod.getDomainClass() instead of getRepositoryDomainType(). Simplify annotation presence indicator methods hasAnnotatedSort() and hasAnnotatedCollation(). Refactor getAnnotatedAggregation() to non-nullable method throwing IllegalStateException to be consistent with other getXxx() methods.

Simplify aggregation execution and consider collection/single element declaration for reactive execution.

Tweak docs.

Original pull request: #743.

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