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Greg Turnquist Greg Turnquist c2ea595b8c6e2549f2565ac17127d4b2bc29a9c8 c2ea595b8c6e2549f2565ac17127d4b2bc29a9c8 DATAMONGO-2280 - Introduce Jenkins.
Christoph Strobl Christoph Strobl f7731c7cf1198e796a3c2c23354b00e18e7414e8 f7731c7cf1198e796a3c2c23354b00e18e7414e8 DATAMONGO-2293 - Fix EntityOperations id population nulling out entire entity.
We now no longer null the entire entity if a given id value is actually null.

Original Pull Request: #742
Christoph Strobl Christoph Strobl a7e6b26796fd1dae76101bf5e26e4e36256bb9fc a7e6b26796fd1dae76101bf5e26e4e36256bb9fc DATAMONGO-2261 - Adapt to changes in DATACMNS-1467.
Use the reworked version of the EntityCallback method lookup.
Also fix issues with callbacks not invoked when intended and rework the reactive flow by removing deeply nested constructs.
Update documentation and add EntityCallbacks to BulkOperations.

Original Pull Request: #742
Mark Paluch Mark Paluch 45bd6d544d6ffdafc95c525f8edd790f0d9e8fab 45bd6d544d6ffdafc95c525f8edd790f0d9e8fab DATAMONGO-2261 - Use Entity Callback API for auditing.
We now use EntityCallback to invoke callback actions on entities before saving/before conversion to provide hooks that potentially modify an entity before persisting it.

We also provide a reactive variant of entity callbacks allowing to consume Reactor Context and to defer the actual activity.

Original Pull Request: #742

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