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Steve Bohlen Steve Bohlen 2f1a95cb1f3f446bb30b5ea48053a4657c99144f 2f1a95cb1f3f446bb30b5ea48053a4657c99144f SPRNET-1318 adding missing file to Spring.Core Vs2008 project
Steve Bohlen Steve Bohlen a782eb16d905aa655389a498cb180317333634d6 a782eb16d905aa655389a498cb180317333634d6 SPRNET-1318 fixing up XML comment inconsistencies
Steve Bohlen Steve Bohlen d1520682df4ccfa18733477525b77855366569b9 d1520682df4ccfa18733477525b77855366569b9 SPRNET-1318 introduce local cache of merged ObjectDefinitions to reduce impact of AppContext.Dispose() calls
Steve Bohlen Steve Bohlen c1e9dd63e35e7e7b846efc90ec7c831c2f307e92 c1e9dd63e35e7e7b846efc90ec7c831c2f307e92 SPRNET-1534 add logic to prevent registration of alias values that match object defintion name values
Steve Bohlen Steve Bohlen 844cd20782f5f9cef25d31487aed99c831f40b3d 844cd20782f5f9cef25d31487aed99c831f40b3d add convenience cmd script to create nuget packages from existing build output

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