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  • Brian Clozel

    Brian Clozel f5513f01892aa563317684ef9532fac49777a976

    Fix warnings in Gradle build file

    • build.gradle (version f5513f01892aa563317684ef9532fac49777a976)
  • Brian Clozel

    Brian Clozel 87002cc7ba897b529c0527925313bb8bf8470e8f

    Update link to project page
    This commit updates the published POMs for this project to point to the
    new project page on spring.io.

    • publish-maven.gradle (version 87002cc7ba897b529c0527925313bb8bf8470e8f)
  • Brian Clozel

    Brian Clozel 2f2c2e03133e6ed1c063fe632dce4d2e0e2b8cb7

    Use Spring dependency management plugin
    This commit introduces the Spring dependency management Gradle
    plugin. All dependency versions and BOMs are now managed in the
    root project and declared in the modules directly.

    • build.gradle (version 2f2c2e03133e6ed1c063fe632dce4d2e0e2b8cb7)
    • spring-binding/spring-binding.gradle (version 2f2c2e03133e6ed1c063fe632dce4d2e0e2b8cb7)
    • spring-faces/spring-faces.gradle (version 2f2c2e03133e6ed1c063fe632dce4d2e0e2b8cb7)
    • spring-webflow/spring-webflow.gradle (version 2f2c2e03133e6ed1c063fe632dce4d2e0e2b8cb7)
  • Brian Clozel

    Brian Clozel 780bb68bdbb6fb80a33b8d93e471c56eda2b9336

    Move build files into each module
    This commit moves each project build configuration into its own file
    and keeps the common configuration in the root project.

    • build.gradle (version 780bb68bdbb6fb80a33b8d93e471c56eda2b9336)
    • settings.gradle (version 780bb68bdbb6fb80a33b8d93e471c56eda2b9336)
    • spring-binding/spring-binding.gradle (version 780bb68bdbb6fb80a33b8d93e471c56eda2b9336)
    • spring-faces/spring-faces.gradle (version 780bb68bdbb6fb80a33b8d93e471c56eda2b9336)
    • spring-js-resources/spring-js-resources.gradle (version 780bb68bdbb6fb80a33b8d93e471c56eda2b9336)
    • spring-webflow/spring-webflow.gradle (version 780bb68bdbb6fb80a33b8d93e471c56eda2b9336)
  • Brian Clozel

    Brian Clozel e944eec255ce20fa8370f57acbbc9ac5f3210549

    Render asciidoc PDF version only for releases
    This commit guards the PDF generation of the asciidoc reference
    documentation with a version check.

    Since the PDF generation takes a significant amount of time to build,
    we should only generate it for non-SNAPSHOT versions.

    • build.gradle (version e944eec255ce20fa8370f57acbbc9ac5f3210549)
  • Brian Clozel

    Brian Clozel 92ed854f97150db0ab0b7922d7af35867e11083b

    Remove Gradle propdeps plugin
    This commit removes the propdeps plugin.
    "provided" configurations are replaced with "compileOnly", "testCompile"
    The "optional" configuration supported by propdeps is now replaced by a
    local Gradle plugin defining a specific configuration for that.

    As a result of that change, optional/provided dependencies are not
    published with the POMs anymore.

    • build.gradle (version 92ed854f97150db0ab0b7922d7af35867e11083b)
    • buildSrc/README.md (version 92ed854f97150db0ab0b7922d7af35867e11083b)
    • buildSrc/build.gradle (version 92ed854f97150db0ab0b7922d7af35867e11083b)
    • buildSrc/gradle.properties (version 92ed854f97150db0ab0b7922d7af35867e11083b)
    • buildSrc/settings.gradle (version 92ed854f97150db0ab0b7922d7af35867e11083b)
    • ide.gradle (version 92ed854f97150db0ab0b7922d7af35867e11083b)
    • publish-maven.gradle (version 92ed854f97150db0ab0b7922d7af35867e11083b)
    • spring-binding/spring-binding.gradle (version 92ed854f97150db0ab0b7922d7af35867e11083b)
    • spring-faces/spring-faces.gradle (version 92ed854f97150db0ab0b7922d7af35867e11083b)
    • spring-webflow/spring-webflow.gradle (version 92ed854f97150db0ab0b7922d7af35867e11083b)