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Code commits

Spring XD

  • Janne Valkealahti

    Janne Valkealahti f10db78c870563ca8d40baf5d60da4fd859a349c

    Fix stream failover
    - Fix deployment handling in DepartedContainerModuleRedeployer
      so that modules in a same stream and same container will
      actually get re-deployed.
    - Bug was a wrong if clause position regarding stream caching.
    - Fixes #1924

    • spring-xd-dirt/src/main/java/org/springframework/xd/dirt/server/admin/deployment/zk/ (version f10db78c870563ca8d40baf5d60da4fd859a349c)
  • Mark Pollack

    Mark Pollack 0c0ba9a5b6b3d3a7d3bd88a25ae040d92bf01d74

    Udpate to version 1.3.2 in README

    • scripts/README (version 0c0ba9a5b6b3d3a7d3bd88a25ae040d92bf01d74)
  • Mark Pollack

    Mark Pollack c748fa885c7b1baa8a24a44a6cd4f3b72f32f5f9

    Update versions to 1.3.2 in documentation

    • src/docs/asciidoc/Getting-Started.asciidoc (version c748fa885c7b1baa8a24a44a6cd4f3b72f32f5f9)
    • src/docs/asciidoc/Modules.asciidoc (version c748fa885c7b1baa8a24a44a6cd4f3b72f32f5f9)