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Gary Russell Gary Russell 3fe39f474b752309f19490b119d22231d766f433 3fe39f474b752309f19490b119d22231d766f433 XD-1869: Expose mapped(Request|Response)Headers
Also fixed missing bean factory in Redis Bus (grussell).
Eric Bottard Eric Bottard 800be41b8ea874cb3be93e5685959529cf6b1868 800be41b8ea874cb3be93e5685959529cf6b1868 XD-1751 Connection Pool settings for jdbc modules
* Includes common pool settings as well as tomcat enhanced attributes
* Initial size is set to zero vs. the default of 10.
* Jdbc Unit has a test for testOnBorrow setting.
* hdfsjdbc, jdbchdfs & filejdbc testing will be covered by acceptance tests
* Code Polishing

Jdbc Connection pool settings now set via yml

Originally the PR used JDBCConnectionPoolMixin in order to set the connection pool settings.  However this proved to be a bit overwhelming for users when trying to setup a jdbchdfs, hdfsjdbc,filejdbc or filesink.
Now the pool setting will be setup via a servers.yml and application.yml

Connection test for shell was removed.

No longer valid, because settings will be established via the .yml files.

Conn Pool Config consolidated to one location in yaml

* Servers.yml
* application.yml

JdbcConnectionPool metadata is now available.

1) Add key datasource and pool variables in servers.yml
2) Add commented out section of datasource and pool variables in modules.yml as an easy way to customize the datasource used for modules but not for the XD infrastructure
3) For any modules that use jdbc functionality, add something like maxIdle = ${spring.datasource.maxIdle} into that module/job property file.
4) investigated to see if there was a way to inject a common snippet of connection pool xml into jdbc.xml, hdfsjdbc.xml, jdbchdfs.xml & filejdbc.  There was no smooth way to do this.

Jdbc Conn Pool autocomplete options are hidden.
Mark Pollack Mark Pollack 89b72a9bef6e9b3812264e8b4f2efdbe403bf896 89b72a9bef6e9b3812264e8b4f2efdbe403bf896 XD-1684 JBoss HornetQ Infrastructure (JMS Source)
JIRA: XD-1684">

Infrastructure files for JBoss HornetQ.

Note: Due to a gradle issue, we cannot automatically
pull in hornetq dependencies.
Thomas Risberg Thomas Risberg da29680699d5e0bd1da40b8800523fcfd26e7f4d da29680699d5e0bd1da40b8800523fcfd26e7f4d XD-1703 Add admin and container memory settings
David Turanski <dturanski_at_gopivotal_dot_com> David Turanski <dturanski_at_gopivotal_dot_com> ff396629782f3f5168526040799eb4352c25e6c4 ff396629782f3f5168526040799eb4352c25e6c4 XD-1899: IllegalStateException on single node shutdown
When the application context is shut down, the cache
will also be shut down (similar to DeploymentSupervisor).

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