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David Turanski <dturanski_at_gopivotal_dot_com> David Turanski <dturanski_at_gopivotal_dot_com> 5990f3a3941bde67776a6dcc68bb771a1278a239 5990f3a3941bde67776a6dcc68bb771a1278a239 XD-2238: Improve module deployment distribution
Introduced a "quiet period" property. The quiet period is the amount
of time that must elapse after the newest container arrives before
deployments to new containers are initiated. A short quiet period
is ideal for development environments because it results in quick
deployments to new containers. In production environments, longer
quiet periods are desirable because it will prevent the first few
containers from receiving all deployments.

Note that this property only applies to module deployments to new
containers; deployments initiated to existing containers are not
subject to delays.

When new containers connect to ZK, module deployments to the
new container are scheduled on the same executor service that
is handling all module deployments. If new containers arrive
during the quiet period for the first container, the deployment
will be rescheduled for the quiet period after the newest container
arrival time.

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