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Marius Bogoevici <> Marius Bogoevici <> 2180cdcf5537ba8cc763f71ab8245ef6be7fbe22 2180cdcf5537ba8cc763f71ab8245ef6be7fbe22 XD-2996: Align Kafka Partitioning/XD Partitioning
JIRA: XD-2996">

Align transport native partitioning with Spring XD partitioning

- Eliminate the `partitionCount` property, which is currently just a copy of `count`, as well as its calculation;
- Propagate `nextModuleCount` and `nextModuleConcurrency` to all non-last modules;
- Make the target partition count an argument for the construction of `PartitioningMetadata`, and defer to the transport-specific implementation to decide on the value to be used: Redis and Rabbit will simply use `nextModuleCount`, and Kafka will use the partition count of the target topic;
- the number of the partitions used by the Kafka bus is the larger of `minPartitionCount` and `nextModuleConcurrency` * `nextModuleCount`, unless a topic exists and already has more partitions than either of the two values, case in which the number of existing partitions will be used;
- eliminate the additional calculation in the Kafka bus, which was required because the number of Spring XD partitions, could have been, in principle, different from the number of underlying Kafka partitions;
- unit tests adjustments;
Gunnar Hillert Gunnar Hillert 70866a5fed9c6abcdda33cb05e5ab7a09cfa40ad 70866a5fed9c6abcdda33cb05e5ab7a09cfa40ad XD-3112 Mask passwords in stream defs/modules
* Mask passwords when returning streams via the REST-API
* Add test

XD-3112 Fix tests

XD-3112 Add password masking for `/runtime/modules`
Eric Bottard Eric Bottard 06863c3a54625ecd2c125369572f1ad6561efcb3 06863c3a54625ecd2c125369572f1ad6561efcb3 XD-3116: Update bundled redis to 3.0.1


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