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Thomas Risberg Thomas Risberg 22bef5848c1a34ff2f22cbc4908d549f7af41be2 22bef5848c1a34ff2f22cbc4908d549f7af41be2 XD-3154 Update to Spring Hadoop 2.2.0 GA
Marius Bogoevici <> Marius Bogoevici <> 2d1bd835df4975f42b173ef6fc3844b9dee453de 2d1bd835df4975f42b173ef6fc3844b9dee453de Fixing copyright year
Gunnar Hillert Gunnar Hillert 9a05d494befb2ce8655fb05283c4b7c73a49b8fb 9a05d494befb2ce8655fb05283c4b7c73a49b8fb XD-3172 Add file source option `withMarkers`
Enables the SOF/EOF markers when splitting a file into lines

* Upgrade Spring Integration dependency from `4.1.4.RELEASE` to `4.1.5.RELEASE`
* Add tests
* Add documentation

Jira: XD-3172">
Gary Russell Gary Russell 6de993eb21c99d9abc0184b511dc6a011b89b026 6de993eb21c99d9abc0184b511dc6a011b89b026 XD-3177: Make Rabbit Bus Properties Optional
JIRA: XD-3177">

Fall back to boot defaults for rabbitmq properties if no
application.yml or servers.yml on classpath.
Marius Bogoevici <> Marius Bogoevici <> 60280d21b81e79d7caf350ffc63c69d551a04e6c 60280d21b81e79d7caf350ffc63c69d551a04e6c XD-3115 Support Reactor Processors that have an inheritance hierarchy
- Navigate the class hierarchy for finding the parameterized Processor interface
- Ensure that the Processor interface is identified correctly for extracting type arguments
- Correct behaviour if a raw type processor is used
- Ensure that Message instances are passed directly if and only if the Processor defines a Message type argument
- Remove TODO comment

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