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  • Gunnar Hillert

    Gunnar Hillert 67d75d131c806ccc2e265c2074028143495c8e49

    XD-3214-3220 Enabling security breaks Jobs page access and job launching in Admin UI
    * Update `application.yml`
    * Add tests
    * Refactor test suite in class `SingleNodeApplicationWithUsersFileTest`
      - Reduce code repetition for user credentials
      - Add support for specifying the HTTP Method

    • spring-xd-dirt/src/main/resources/application.yml (version 67d75d131c806ccc2e265c2074028143495c8e49)
    • spring-xd-dirt/src/test/java/org/springframework/xd/dirt/security/ (version 67d75d131c806ccc2e265c2074028143495c8e49)
    • spring-xd-dirt/src/test/java/org/springframework/xd/dirt/security/support/ (version 67d75d131c806ccc2e265c2074028143495c8e49)