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Mark Pollack Mark Pollack 681070906ebf7117e2883175dfaad02c9f582626 681070906ebf7117e2883175dfaad02c9f582626 Change version to 1.3.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT
Gunnar Hillert Gunnar Hillert 28a9962a871247d74f384f6b98b0c150220a459a 28a9962a871247d74f384f6b98b0c150220a459a XD-3347 Run all shell integration tests also with enabled security
* Refactor Shell command tests
* Fix security rules for stopping all job executions
Gunnar Hillert Gunnar Hillert 32b9cc9137a6e85ec9776dd544702fa4387dc8f2 32b9cc9137a6e85ec9776dd544702fa4387dc8f2 XD-3346 Fix Accessing step progress via REST fails with 403
* Add additional authorization rule to `application.yml`
* Add series of REST endpoint tests to verify
Marius Bogoevici <> Marius Bogoevici <[email protected]> 3fa82c09f4614412b7f5a7e917a42c8b8e761ad2 3fa82c09f4614412b7f5a7e917a42c8b8e761ad2 XD-3335 Set auto-startup to false on Kafka source
Gunnar Hillert Gunnar Hillert 91d0d0ce2cc5741bd8223c23cf7ae5b6d17f25b6 91d0d0ce2cc5741bd8223c23cf7ae5b6d17f25b6 XD-3308 With Security - Unable to upload module
* Add tests
* Update `application.yml`

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