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    XD-3734: Rabbit: Fix Partitions with AutoDLQ
    JIRA: XD-3734">

    Partitioned streams have a single DLQ for each pipe, the originating partition
    is available in the `partition` message header.

    There were two issues with the implementation:

    1. The DLQ was bound to the DLX with the base queue name (no partitions) so rejected
    messages were not routed to the DLQ.
    2. On the producer side, the queue was bound with different (no) dlq arguments causing
    the declaration to fail; the bus should call `declareQueueIfNotPresent`.

    Add a test to reproduce the issues and fix the bus.

    • spring-xd-dirt/src/test/java/org/springframework/xd/dirt/integration/bus/rabbit/ (version 52a7c23cbd9cb75962c3f4df3bf1ca3f7af7f626)
    • spring-xd-messagebus-rabbit/src/main/java/org/springframework/xd/dirt/integration/rabbit/ (version 52a7c23cbd9cb75962c3f4df3bf1ca3f7af7f626)