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  • Marius Bogoevici <>

    Marius Bogoevici <> 799a9444fac60bf9cd18d2a3ea5d2d38dd4718e4

    XD-3075 Change Kafka Sink input type to byte[]

    • modules/sink/kafka/config/kafka.xml (version 799a9444fac60bf9cd18d2a3ea5d2d38dd4718e4)
  • Marius Bogoevici <>

    Marius Bogoevici <> c69a636a927f469b881d7f44310cffa6f7f73702

    XD-3074 Improve stability of metadata retrieval for Kafka Message Bus
    - consolidate topic validation and partition retrieval
    - upgrade to SI-Kafka 1.1.2

    • build.gradle (version c69a636a927f469b881d7f44310cffa6f7f73702)
    • spring-xd-messagebus-kafka/src/main/java/org/springframework/xd/dirt/integration/kafka/ (version c69a636a927f469b881d7f44310cffa6f7f73702)