Spring Boot
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Duration: 36 minutes
Changes: Who: Stéphane Nicoll
Why: Add support for JPA mapping resources
Closes gh-10684

Who: Stéphane Nicoll
Why: Remove unnecessary exclusion on aopalliance
Closes gh-10691

Who: Madhura Bhave
Why: Upgrade to Spring Security 5.0.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT
Following some changes in the latest snapshot this includes:
- Some updates to oauth2 client auto-config
- Security auto-config no longer relies on GlobalAuthenticationConfigurerAdapter
- Remove reactive security starter

Closes gh-10704

Who: Stéphane Nicoll
Why: Polish

Who: Andy Wilkinson
Why: Use mainClassName consistently across BootRun, BootJar, and BootWar
Previously, BootRun used the main property to configure the name of
the main class to run while BootJar and BootWar used the mainClass
property. Both were different to the application plugin which provides
a mainClassName project property.

This commit updates BootRun, BootJar, and BootWar to change the name
of the property used to configure the name of the main class to be
mainClassName. This makes the three Boot-specific tasks consistent
with each other, and also aligns them with Gradle"s own application

Closes gh-10622

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