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Duration: 1 minute
Changes: Who: Alberto Rios
Why: Fixing inverted condition on equals
Changes by Alberto Rios
Spring CredHub - Spring CredHub Core
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Duration: 12 seconds
Changes: Who: Spring Operator <spring-operator@users.noreply.github.com>
Why: URL Cleanup
This commit updates URLs to prefer the https protocol. Redirects are not followed to avoid accidentally expanding intentionally shortened URLs (i.e. if using a URL shortener).

# Fixed URLs

## Fixed But Review Recommended
These URLs were fixed, but the https status was not OK. However, the https status was the same as the http request or http redirected to an https URL, so they were migrated. Your review is recommended.

* [ ] http://spring-credhub-demo.cf.example.com/test (UnknownHostException) with 1 occurrences migrated to:
  https://spring-credhub-demo.cf.example.com/test ([https](https://spring-credhub-demo.cf.example.com/test) result UnknownHostException).

## Fixed Success
These URLs were switched to an https URL with a 2xx status. While the status was successful, your review is still recommended.

* [ ] http://docs.cloudfoundry.org/cf-cli/getting-started.html with 1 occurrences migrated to:
  https://docs.cloudfoundry.org/cf-cli/getting-started.html ([https](https://docs.cloudfoundry.org/cf-cli/getting-started.html) result 200).
* [ ] http://tbaggery.com/2008/04/19/a-note-about-git-commit-messages.html with 1 occurrences migrated to:
  https://tbaggery.com/2008/04/19/a-note-about-git-commit-messages.html ([https](https://tbaggery.com/2008/04/19/a-note-about-git-commit-messages.html) result 200).
* [ ] http://contributor-covenant.org with 1 occurrences migrated to:
  https://contributor-covenant.org ([https](https://contributor-covenant.org) result 301).
* [ ] http://contributor-covenant.org/version/1/3/0/ with 1 occurrences migrated to:
  https://contributor-covenant.org/version/1/3/0/ ([https](https://contributor-covenant.org/version/1/3/0/) result 301).
* [ ] http://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6546 with 1 occurrences migrated to:
  https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6546 ([https](https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6546) result 301).
* [ ] http://projects.spring.io/spring-credhub with 1 occurrences migrated to:
  https://projects.spring.io/spring-credhub ([https](https://projects.spring.io/spring-credhub) result 301).
* [ ] http://eclipse.org with 1 occurrences migrated to:
  https://eclipse.org ([https](https://eclipse.org) result 302).
* [ ] http://www.springsource.com/developer/sts with 1 occurrences migrated to:
  https://www.springsource.com/developer/sts ([https](https://www.springsource.com/developer/sts) result 302).

# Ignored
These URLs were intentionally ignored.

* http://localhost with 1 occurrences
* http://username:password@rabbitmq-broker:12345/api with 1 occurrences

Who: Scott Frederick
Why: Merge branch "spring-operator-polish-urls-remaining-1.x" into 1.x

Who: Scott Frederick
Why: Move contributing info from README to a separate file.