Spring Data MongoDB - Sonar
Spring Data MongoDB
Tests: 3921 passed
Duration: 12 minutes
Changes: Who: Christoph Strobl
Why: DATAMONGO-2304 - Fix documentation anchor for entity callback API.
Original pull request: #767.

Who: Christoph Strobl
Why: DATAMONGO-2305 - Upgrade to MongoDB Java Driver 3.11.0-beta4.
Tested against 4.0.9 and 4.2.0-rc1 servers.
Added a delay and left a todo in one of the tests where the 4.2.0-rc1 server takes a bit longer than it predecessor when creating indexes which can lead to BackgroundOperationInProgressForNamespace errors.

Original pull request: #764.

Who: Mark Paluch
Why: DATAMONGO-2304 - Polishing.
Align anchor naming. Add code fences to EntityCallbacks.

Original pull request: #767.
Scheduled with changes by Mark Paluch and Christoph Strobl