Master (JDK7, Linux)
Spring XD
Tests: Testless build
Duration: 167 minutes
Changes: Who: Gunnar Hillert
Why: XD-631 Pluralize test classes
* Pluralize test classes in package

Who: Glenn Renfro
Why: XD-3235 Test looks for specific files vs *

Who: Gary Russell
Why: XD-3232 Update Integration, Framework, AMQP, Batch

* Update versions
* SI TCP serializers need to be flushed since 4.2
* Remove uses of deprecated APIs
* Some modules were relying on a transitive dependency on slf4j which is no longer there
* Work around for INT-3766 (reactor-code but not reactor-stream on CP)
* Update to S-I-Kafka 1.2.1.RELEASE

Fix evaluation context initialization.

Who: David Turanski <>
Why: XD-3244 - Delete message bus related tests
spring-xd-benchmark gone

Who: Gunnar Hillert
Why: XD-3347 Run all shell integration tests also with enabled security
* Refactor Shell command tests
* Fix security rules for stopping all job executions

Manual run by Mark Pollack